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Today my hallway is full of the olden days – guitar cases, a bodhran, a djembe, and record decks – plugs and cables akimbo.  Because it’s rock n roll it doesn’t count as a mess. 
Everything else counts as a mess.
And I’ve got stollen cake, because it’s Christmas.  Though I’d never heard of it until I shacked up with a Dutch woman… a cake with a fold of marzipan in it.  I’d always thought I hated marzipan.
From it my kitchen has a dusting of icing sugar that should make it look Christmassy, but fails.
It’d have been better if I’d been marzi-pam – a benzodiazepine derivative, it’d have sparked my interest.  Then.
I joined the buy-on-line frenzy today and got a cheap CD player and a supermario game for my kid.  Then I run out of ideas and money.
So took the day off work - except for a barrage of emails and some vague guilty thoughts - and sat in front of the fire and watched movies for several hours, trying to ‘still’ my mind.
Spotted a film coincidence.  Amanda Plummer, in ‘Static’, sits in a diner with a bloke, and says ‘Kill Them!’ (in a good, ‘prove yourself’ kind of way); years later she’s in a diner in Pulp Fiction and says ‘I’ll execute every last motherfucking one of you’. 
These kinds of thoughts have no value.  They’re not big or clever.  So I decided I should stop watching movies, it’s not doing me any good.
It’s making the mess in my head worse.

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